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"Committed to expand healthy lifespan of the aging population."

Phileas Pharma, Inc. is an innovative global biotech company whose mission is to discover, develop and commercialize breakthrough therapies designed to treat age-related diseases and restore the aging patient's health.

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We recognize that the challenges associated with aging are of a global nature.  As increased longevity is perceived as a positive indicator as people live longer, long term disabilities, frailty and acute illnesses become more prevalent and restrict activities of daily living. 

Phileas Pharma, Inc. is fully committed to addressing key pathologies of chronic diseases of the aging population at a global level.  

Our long-term goal is to identify and characterize the scientific mechanisms specific to our principal areas of research.

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New Generations, New Diseases

As life expectancy increases, the incidence of chronic and deliberating diseases of the aging population has increased dramatically.  Our mission is to develop new innovative therapies targeting the root source of chronic diseases to help aging patients live a longer healthy life.

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