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"Committed to improve the lives of children and adults suffering from hard-to-treat rare diseases."

Phileas Pharma, Inc. is an innovative global biotech company whose mission is to discover, develop and commercialize breakthrough therapies designed to treat hard-to-treat and rare of children and adults.

Our initial target focuses on rare genetic diseases associated with retinal dystrophies.

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We recognize that the challenges associated with rare diseases in the children and adult population.  As technologies progress, we can effectively contribute to restore the lives of people suffering from rare diseases. Gene therapies are at the forefront of this exciting research. 

Phileas Pharma, Inc. is fully committed to addressing key pathologies of rare and hard-to-treat diseases affecting children and adults at a global level. Retinal dystrophies of genetic origin represent our initial area of focus. 

Our long-term goal is to identify, characterize, develop and commercialize the scientific mechanisms specific to our principal areas of research.


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New Generations, New Diseases

Rare and hard-to-treat diseases of the children and the adult population are at the core of our research, as we specialize in gene therapies to alleviate the suffering of those small size populations at risk that do not yet benefit from effective and potentially curative treatments. 

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